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Are you a university student or a fresh graduate interested in European affairs and the workings of the European Parliament? Then listen up! Each year the Parliament opens its doors to hundreds of trainees, with special programmes available for people with disabilities. If you also want to get a taste of what it is like to work in the EP, do not miss the next application period starting 15 August.

A unique opportunity

Every year the Parliament receives about 7,000 applications, but only 8% of them make it through the selection procedure. Candidates can apply for different profiles: general, journalism or translator traineeships.

The Parliament is looking for a wide mix of candidates, as Lucy Molan can attest. This Irish trainee, who worked at the EP’s visitors‘ centre, said: „It’s a good idea to stress any unique qualities you may have. As a trained actor with experience in international artisan cheese consultancy and an MA in Irish language translation, I never in my wildest dreams expected to be accepted onto the traineeship programme.“ People without a university degree or from outside the EU can also apply.

There are unpaid and paid traineeships. Paid trainees receive about €1,200 per month, but the Parliament will not assist in finding or paying for accommodation.

Special programme for people with disabilities

Since 2006 the Parliament has had a special traineeship programme for people with disabilities. Besides making the necessary arrangements at the workplace, the EP also provides information on accessible housing, transport and assistance. We asked some of this year’s trainees for some feedback.

„Unfortunately, the private sector is less accepting of disability than the EP. I sincerely hope that in the future more places will take the EP policy towards people with ‚different abilities‘ as an example,“ said Silvia Cipriani from Italy.

Chiara Arnone, also from Italy, added, an EP internship is good for your career because it „is recognised everywhere and shows that you are open-minded, adaptable and can work well with people.“

Work for the EP by applying for a traineeship

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